About us|Creative Link Nagoya

Who We Are

Creative Link Nagoya is an intermediary support organization established in 2022 by the City of Nagoya to promote artistic and cultural activities in the area. We engage in three main activities in our role as an arts council for Nagoya: 1) grants and support; 2) pilot programs; and 3) surveys, research, and information sharing.

Founding Objectives

We aim to enhance the vitality and attractiveness of Nagoya by supporting the creation of new value within arts and culture.


  1. Promoting collaboration between culture and arts and other sectors to create synergy.

    We will actively utilize Nagoya’s artistic and cultural activities in tourism and community development, among other areas to enhance the dynamism and appeal of the city and help solve the problems faced by people in arts and culture.

  2. Fostering local artistic and cultural activities with expert insight.

    We are building support, evaluation, surveys, and research with a long-term and expert viewpoint. We identify the needs of citizens professional individuals and organizations who engage in artistic and cultural activities, and we discuss and carry out the most effective and efficient ways to support them.

  3. Ensuring that the results of our activities reflect the artistic and cultural policies of the City of Nagoya.

    We take the resources we gain through our activities and share them with the Arts and Culture Committee—a body that makes proposals for the city’s artistic and cultural policies—to carry out our role as an arts council for Nagoya.


In 2022, the City of Nagoya established the New Organization for Arts and Culture Promotion (an arts council for Nagoya), which is made up of the Arts and Culture Committee and Creative Link Nagoya. The Arts and Culture Committee consists of expert members and makes proposals regarding the city’s cultural policies and projects. Creative Link Nagoya’s decision-making body is a board of directors consisting of authorities in diverse fields, including arts, culture, and community development. Our office employs citizens with expertise in various artistic fields and in community collaboration.